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All content (text and images) on this Web site is Copyright 2012-2013 by Randall Davis and family, unless otherwise specified. The famous quotations and academic articles referred to on this Web site belong to their respective authors. The rest of the content can be printed for personal, offline use (let's say, you want to share one of the stories at a family gathering), but none of it (graphics, text, pictures, or other media) can be redestributed or posted online on other Web sites, forums, or social media sites. For example, please do not download a picture from this Web site and post it on your Facebook page.

You are granted permission to download Josh's desktop background images for your own personal use, but do not post them online at any other Web site.

I may grant permission under certain conditions to use the materials for different purposes, so please contact me for more information regarding this.


The information on this site is not meant to serve as specific, medical or therapeutic advice on mental illness and suicide, so please don't view it as such. The content is simply to share my perspectives on the life of my son and his personal battle with mental illness. Thus, if you need help for you or a family member who is dealing with any mental/emotional disorder or is contemplating suicide, seek professional help from qualified medical professionals in your area or call your local emergency number in case of a medical crisis.

I also do not guarantee or warrant the content of the information found on third-party Web sites or links to which I make reference. They provide information on a variety of aspects of mental health, but consulting with medical professionals is a better means of diagnosing and treating of mental illness or other health needs.

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