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Videos and Recordings of Josh

My oldest daughter made a wonderful video presentation on Josh, his family, and friends, with some of his favorite music for the viewing and funeral. It was very moving and inspiring.

For this online version, I have created a shorter video that only includes pictures of our immediate family out of respect to the privacy of those in the original video and due to copyright issues. (Yes, I realize many people don't care if their pictures appear online, but it is one thing to create a video to be viewed by a couple hundred people at a funeral or viewing; it is something different to make a video viewable to the entire planet.) We are extremely grateful to Cynthia Douglass for playing the Celtic harp at the funeral and for granting us permission to use her music in this memorial video of Josh.

Here is another video I compiled of Josh, including video from a piano recital in 2003 and pictures taken over the years.

Other recordings and video may be added to this page from time to time.

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