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Note: Josh often wrote about his thoughts and struggles as a means of understanding them. Josh's feelings in this short narrative were based on the concepts in the poem, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," written by William Bultler Yates in 1888. It recounts an idyllic spot where one could escape to a place of peace and rest. The actual island is off the coast of Ireland. Josh read a lot of literature in his 11th grade English class.

My Innisfree

At the green lawn of the park up my street, ball in hand, man's best friend by my side, I stand.  The stress and frustration of the day flows into my arm; I swing: throwing it towards the horizon, my dog synchronously following after.  Panting, but quite overjoyed, my little companion returns his tennis ball to my feet.  I let my pain and anger fly with each throw until my mind is relieved and my worries are momentarily gone.  And what bliss that moment is!

I sit, and my dog, quite exhausted, licks my hand.  Rubbing his belly, I turn, and, grievingly, see the now orange sky.  I will the sun to not set and for time to stand still.  But alas, time is its own master, and the day grows late.  I walk away sadly, facing my troubles now, but it won't be long before I return to my own Innisfree.

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