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A Day of Service

March 28, 2013

In rememberance of Josh on his birthday and his caring heart towards others, friends and family organized a service project to provide food and daily necessities for those in need in our community at the Jesus Feeds Food Bank in American Fork, Utah.

Family, friends, and local businesses donated fresh produce, meat, canned food, hygiene products, coupons, and other items to the food bank, and our group boxed the items to be distributed to families two days later. Our friends and family also put together over 350 plastic eggs for the food bank's annual Easter egg hunt.

During the service project, volunteers boxed items for families in need at the food bank. Items include canned meals, rice, pasta, canned fruit and vegetables, and other assorted food. The need for assistance is almost always greater than the supply, so donations are always accepted on Saturday mornings.

The size of the boxes prepared is determined by the number of members in a family that receive assistance.

The packed boxes are then set aside for distribution on Saturdays.

Donations included fresh produce and hygiene products.

Food items were also donated to support the food bank's annual Easter barbecue and egg hunt.

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