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By: Elaine Parkinson | Date: May 6, 2021 |
I can’t believe it’s already been 9 years. Sometimes It feels like yesterday. I miss you so much. I hope you’re truly happy and are at peace. I love you so much. 😘😘😘
By: Mirella | Date: May 3, 2021 |
Hey Joshua, I just came across your story as I was browsing your Dad's website for content I could use in my ESL class this week. As always, I found something. The topic "Suicide and Depression" will go well with our theme which is "Mental Awareness Week" but then I was shocked and filled with emotion as I learned about the true story behind your awesome Dad creating this lesson. You continue to help people from heaven, even through an ESL class! I knew you had a special soul as soon as I saw the picture of you holding the baby bird. Thank you for your inspiration, Joshua. May your family take comfort in their beautiful memories of you.
By: Elaine | Date: Mar 28, 2021 |
Happy Birthday!!! I wish I could tell you in person. I am reminded of when you took me out on my birthday. It was so much fun. I miss you so much Josh. I wish we had more time. But at least I have countless memories with you. I love and miss you so much.
By: abdul | Date: Sep 2, 2020 |
Hi. I found this page for the first time. Iwas googling the keywords 'listening' and "suicide prevention." I feel sorry for your son. but as a dad, you have done a great job through this. We are running a 'Listening Community' a mental health support group.

Thanks. Prayers.
By: Elaine | Date: May 6, 2020 |
Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I miss you and I love you sooo much. Our time together was way to short. I wish we could of made more memories. You will always have a piece of my heart.
By: Steve McGuire | Date: Sep 20, 2019 |
Randall, probably you don't remember me from JALT, but I remember you mostly through your listening web site. The recording I have always used from the start was Joshua talking about going to school. I haven't followed for a couple years but saw your site recommended on a website and decided to see what you were up to. I was sad to see that Joshua had passed away. I know it's probably silly, but I always enjoyed his happiness in talking about school.

I hope you are doing well back there in the States.

By: Lili Jiang | Date: Jul 31, 2019 |
Dear Randall,

You are a great father, not only because you hold the family together, but your selfless love. I'm not your son, and I could not feel the same what he had been through, but if I could, I would love to share his sufferings. On the other hand, I believe he is lucky as well, as so many people loved him and will love him forever.

I wish every family in the world full of love and, through the power of love, overcomes all the difficulties coming and going.
May God bless us all.

Lili Jiang
By: DANIEL LOPEZ | Date: Jul 5, 2019 |
Dear Josh's mother and father.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful life of Joshua.
believe me your web site is so important to me Im learning english and I found this website 1 year ago, thank you so much , GOD BLESS YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.


By: Cheg Zheng | Date: May 22, 2019 |
I found this webpage from a little pic from I have been using "Randell ESL"for a while.
I fell so sorry for your son.

Grief from Shanghai. China.
By: Pedro Andrade | Date: May 20, 2019 |
God Bless your family.

Pedro Andrade
By: Elaine | Date: May 6, 2019 |
I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I lost my best friend. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and the fun times we had. I miss you so much. I love you tons Josh. 😘
By: Cameron Germann | Date: Apr 9, 2019 |
Dear Randall,

I selected your listening lesson today on suicide for my class to go through. I work with refugees in Greece and we recently lost a former student who was the same age as your son to suicide. Thank you so much for sharing your family's story, for allowing us to learn from your difficult journey and hopefully apply the wisdom you have gained.

I have been using your site since 2011, thank you for all the helpful resources you have put together for us! May God continue to show you and your family his personal love and tenderness as you continue down this path of grieving and its various forms.

Thank you,
By: Elaine | Date: Mar 28, 2019 |
Happy Birthday Josh. I miss you so much. I wish you were here so we could celebrate. I love and miss you so much.
By: AIDA | Date: Jan 10, 2019 |
Dear Randall, I`m very surprised about the Josh`s story. Thank you for sharing with us. This is an excellent tribute for him and I respect everything that you have done. God Bless you, this a helpfull website I`m an English Student, so the stories and activities are the best complement for my studies.
By: Larisa Elliott | Date: Oct 23, 2018 |
I recently began using your website in my ESL class, mainly for Listening and Speaking practice. I love it, but today finally followed the links to find out more about Joshua, the precious little voice in "A Day at School." My goodness, what a wonderful human being he was, and living on in heaven, I firmly believe. I also have a son born in 1992, serving in the Navy, and reading about Josh's life made me appreciate all over again the miracle of life. I have two children who suffer with depression/anxiety, as well as myself, so my heart goes out to you, to your family, and I pray you find ladybugs forever.
By: TERCILIA LOIOLA XIMENES | Date: Sep 29, 2018 |
Hi Josh's family!

First of all, thanks for shraring your story with us. God bless you and your beloved boy.
I met to improve my english skills, but i've been learning much more... believe me.
Josh's mission on earth was teaching everybody who lived with him, but that mission spread like a sunflower light.

Thanks again.
By: Luis Fernando Chamorro | Date: Sep 27, 2018 |
I never knew Joshua, I never heard of or met him untill i visited the ESL Cyber learning Lab with my English class and heard his recordings. I just want to express my condolences and respect for Joshua, he seemed like a bright young man and his story touches so close to home because recently i had someone pass away on me too, someone I cared for a lot, the love and care I had for her will never be forgotten nor will it be lost, it has turned into inspiration to continue persuing my dream of becoming a software engineer. One day I wish to make software to help better the world and if i accomplish this it will not only be in her honor, but in the honor of all those good souls who have left us prematurely, may their souls rest in peace, Thank you for sharing Joshes story with me, I wish you all the best.

Nothing but Love and Support for the family. God Bless us all.
By: Eduardo Scategliani | Date: Aug 17, 2018 |
Hi Randall,

I always used to learn English, but I never checked the page quickly. This week, I decided to check this page accurately, and I am amazed about what you are doing in this page. i think you are an amazing man and excellent father, someone important for me about suicide, and this page gives me hope and happiness. I am going to remember Joshua, and you are like heroes, and God says me you are doing something really great with this tribute.

Best wishes. You are an amazing men, Randall.

Eduardo Scategliani

Bogota, Colombia
By: Jose David Marmolejo | Date: Jul 10, 2018 |
I have been using your webpage to teach English for almost 15 years an never even guessed the sadness behind one of my favorite audios...
I hope you and your family find peace and find the courage to move on forward with life.
Thank you for giving so much without asking for anything in return.
love from Colombia.
By: Elaine | Date: May 6, 2018 |
I can't believe it's been 6 years. It's amazing how time flies. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday. I love you so much. I miss you more than you know. I wish we had more time together to create more memories. I love you!!! 😪cf
By: Rany | Date: May 3, 2018 |
Dear Josh's father, mother and sister.

Reading about Josh's life touched me deeply.
Thank you for sharing his wonderful life. Certainly, it helps many people.
He still inspire all.

my best wishes for your whole family.

P.S. I am brazilian and I am learning english, the website - its very useful in my learning.

By: Jinchan Jeon | Date: Apr 20, 2018 |
I had suffered from a panic disorder for 5 years... From 2008 to 2012.. I can't tell you "I understand what you feel"... But I just feel empathy... I can't stop my tears... Only I can do for you and your family is that pray for you...
By: Randall Davis | Date: Mar 28, 2018 |
Today is our son's birthday. Joshua Scott Davis.

He would have been 26 years old today.

He died six years ago.

That said, my fondest memories don't surround his passing, but rather the profoundness of his life. I certainly embrace and accept all the struggle that was a part of his being, but I also don't let that be the definition of his life either. I simply long to show a greater depth of compassion in any small way, for that is the defining richness of what it means to be human.

Thanks, Josh.

Your grateful and loving father.
By: Elaine | Date: Mar 28, 2018 |
I can't believe another year has gone by. I miss you so much Josh. I am so thankful for the memories we have. I love you. Happy Birthday
By: Marco Mata | Date: Mar 14, 2018 |
Hi, Randall

I didn't think that something like this happend to you. Losing dear family members is devastating. So, I want to acknowledge you, not just because for your passion to teach English but also because You are letting us knowing you a little bit more. So This makes me think that it doesn't matter the langauge barriers . . . at the end we all are human beings who can feel pain and hapiness. I really appreciate your shares, I hope you're fine whereverer you're.

Greetings from México.

By: Paloma Correa | Date: Mar 14, 2018 |
I am an English student and last week my English teacher showed me about Josh’s life story. I really feel sorry for your lost, I don’t have any kids, but I can imagine how hard it has been all these years without Josh.
I want to say thank you for sharing your story with the world. You are helping many people who are suffering from depression and their family.
Even though Josh is not here, I wanted to say to you, Josh’s father, that life just stop here on Earth, but the soul is always eternal!
By: Delio | Date: Jan 30, 2018 |
Thank you so much for your website ( It is very useful for my listening learning and stuff.

I am so sorry about your lost. God bless you and your family. See you!

By: Rita | Date: Sep 23, 2017 |
I've been using your website for years. However, it was only yesterday that I discovered that this boy, Joshua, is your son. I was listening to "A Day at School" with my little student, who is 12, when he asked, "Is he a real boy? Is he really in Japan?" I was going to tell him that Joshua is probably just a boy, but then I noticed the photo and the dates. I've read a lot about him since yesterday, and I am really sorry about your loss. Joshua had a life full of everything, discoveries, ideas and both joy and pain. God bless him and your family!

Moscow, Russia
By: Adriana Cindra | Date: Sep 16, 2017 |
Hello! Firstly I want to say I'm so sorry about what happened with your beloved son. I was research lessons in English when I ended up in your site which made me curious to discover more about the first lesson called A Day at School. So, I read about Josh's life and I'm really impressed with him, he seemed so full of energy and clever. Reading about his life also helped me with my vocabulary in English, thank you for sharing his story with us. God bless you family, amem!
P.s. Sorry about my writing, if I made any mistake. Cheers!
By: Elaine | Date: May 6, 2017 |
Josh, I can't believe it has been 5 years. Not a day goes by without me thinking about you and all the wonderful fun times we had together I miss you so much. I love you so much❤️
By: Yukiko Matsuura | Date: May 2, 2017 |
I happened to open your website first time in many years to introduce the fantastic program of yours to my friend as she's been studying English and asked me if I knew a good program. There, I found about the passing of your son. My sympathy and prayer to Joshua who died so young and also all the family members who love him.

I'd like to thank you for the very useful and practical program. I will think of your son Josh every time I hear conversations he recorded with you.

Yukiko Matsuura
By: Andrea Canalli | Date: Apr 20, 2017 |
I´d like to thank you for this amazing website. The esl listenings are constant part of my life as an English teacher. God bless your family and so do Josh who is with Him.

Best regards,
Andrea Canalli,
Porto Ferreira- SP - Brazil
By: mario faro | Date: Apr 6, 2017 |
Dear Randall,
I was visiting your excellent site and trying to go better with my English when I saw the page A Day at School about your dialogue with Joshua, your beloved son. I confess I became very impressed with his history and with your courage to post it at all. Reading all about you wrote about his life and disease, your feelings as a parent of him and your concerns about his life, I concluded that you had contributed so much to comfort people who suffer or have in their family a person who has this kind of problem. Thank you very much for helping them.
Best regards,
Mario Faro
By: Elaine | Date: Mar 28, 2017 |
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe it's almost been 5 years. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the fun times we had together. I love and miss you so much. Love Elaine
By: Rosalyn | Date: Mar 14, 2017 |
I just want to thank you for sharing Josh's life with us. Although I didn't know him, I've learned enough about him through the site to say he was a wonderful person. Josh's story is very inspirational and touching.
By: juliana A M Correa | Date: Mar 13, 2017 |
olá senhor Randall

Hoje estava procurando um site para praticar inglês (desculpe não escrever em inglês, mas não me sinto apta) e encontrei seu site. Não o conheço e nem sua família, mas senti uma grande tristeza em saber do falecimento do Josh. Um dai quero encontra-lo no céu e dar um grande abraço nele.

Que o Deus abençoe

Juliana Corrêa
By: Rafid Fathalla | Date: Mar 13, 2017 |
I really felt very sorry about your lovely son MR.Randall. and i hope that would be your last sadness to you and your family.for months i fascinated in your site learning from your listening activities,and i knew today about your son when i reached to (Suicide Prevention)listening.
thank you very much about your marvelous listening activities cant imagine how its helping me.

By: Rafael Barrios | Date: Mar 7, 2017 |
Randall you are the best english teacher that I have known. I had the great opportunity to get to be one of your students at the University of Utah from 2006 to 2007. I remember when you used to talk about your son and family. Last year while visiting the ELI at the U of U you told me about this sad event in your life. I pray to God that he always give his love and blessing to you and your family when those overwhelming moments get to you. Im sure that you were a a great father for him. Please receive my deepest condolences.
By: Fernanda (Brazil) | Date: Mar 7, 2017 |
Josh is in a beatiful place, where only beatiful souls can get.
Peace to all your family

By: North West of Spain | Date: Feb 27, 2017 |
A father or a mother never must to bury a son or a daughter. It´s unnatural.
Only those of us who are parents can come to imagine how hard it has to be.
Only imagine...
By: Kyrgyzstan | Date: Feb 13, 2017 |
Greetings from Kyrgyzstan! Dear Professor Randall Davis!
By visiting your site I feel that humanity exists still. Because since I started to use your website, you has become my teacher, tutor and even father. May god give your son a place in paradise! Tht
By: oli | Date: Nov 30, 2016 |
hola señor Randall:
hace unos días un amigo me recomendó su sitio para practicar ingles. El cual me ha sido de mucha ayuda. Al conocer la historia de su familia, me he inspirado aun mas para aprender ingles. Seguir adelante con su vida y ayudar a los demás, es un ejemplo de fuerza y valor, por eso lo admiro a usted y su familia.
Aunque no se ingles, no quería dejar de darles mi saludo y expresar que, siento mucho su perdida.

saludos desde Jacksonville, Fl.


A few years ago, a friend recommended your site to practice English, which has helped me a great deal. Knowing the background of your family has inspired me even more to learn English. Pressing forward in your life and helping others is an example of strength and courage, and for these reasons, I admire you and your family. Even though I don't know much English, I didn't want to leave without expressing my greetings and my feelings for your loss.

Greetings from Jacksonville, Florida.
By: Sophie | Date: Nov 2, 2016 |
It has been a while as I use your amazing website for daily English learning which helps me a lot.
Today it's the first time I heard about your lovely son's pass, I sincerely feel sorry for your lost.
I might be suffering the same problem of your son's, so your sharing are doing great help on me. I will try to stay strong and fight for the sickness haunting me all the time and should never give in.
Thanks for your sharing.
By: Mary Santos | Date: Nov 1, 2016 |

dear Josh we still love you so much, I understand you, I know what you passd, I feel sad because we (me like you) we know how difficult is to stay strong and feel like others people. It's hard to pretend that' s all ok when you know that it is not, and because this, is so good to me to know that you're resting now. You've my support even now that you passd away. Sometimes I would like to rest like you or just try to stay strong. I see people so normal, living their lives so normal and I would like to live, to work, to have fun, and even to feel sad like them... but is not to easy like seems to be. God stay with us. I will seek medical help and I hope in our Heavenly Father that everything it's gonna be all right. I'm Mormon too and i'm so grateful for the knowledge of the eternity. Randall thank you for sharing the history of your dear son.

Mary from Brazil
By: Claudio V | Date: Sep 26, 2016 |
Querido Randall

Yo solia usar esta la pagina web ( para practicar mi ingles...y hoy que la uso, mira que me encuentro , solo fue curiosidad ver la pagina de Joshua. Creeme que tu hijo es un ejemplo de vida. No puedo imaginar el dolor que sentiste tu y tu familuia al perdir a un hijo tan valioso para este mundo...pero al leer al respecto de las enfermedades mentales creeme que me has abierto mis ojos respecto de como lidiar con una enfermedad mental. Creeme que me conmovio todo lo que paso tanto Joshua y de cierta manera me inspira a vivir con mas alegria y determinación mi vida. Gracias por crear este sitio. Mis mejores deseos para usted y su familia.
Con mucho cariño:
Claudio Vargas
(I wanted to write in English, but I express better my feelings in Spanish.)
By: juan | Date: Sep 21, 2016 |
Dear Josh,

I never knew you, but I feel you as a friend, a good friend maybe Josh, I'm sad. After I read your biography, I know you a little more and how you could suffer. I was crying inside, Josh, but I am very happy to meet you now, late but as present. See u Josh

your new friend,

By: Ali Adamou Maman Moustapha | Date: Jun 9, 2016 |
Hi my name is Moustapha. I'm a student in Burkina Faso, but I'm Nigerien. I'm happy to learn about Josh. it's a very moving history. I also lost my father. Go bless you.

Friendly, your new brother,

By: Favian Goznalez | Date: May 13, 2016 |
I'm Favian Gonzalez from Nicaragua. I know it is like to suffer as you have suffered. I have lost to children and you need an immense amount of power and faith to overcome and continue. I am with you and I relate myself with you experience.

May God bless you all.
By: Marta Cuscó | Date: May 13, 2016 |
Dear Randall and family,
I just learnt about your son and his death. I've been using this website ( for a long time, since I'm an English teacher and I find it very useful for my classes. I also give it to my students so that they practice at home. It came as a shock when today I did the first listening and I heard Joshua's voice and then , all of a sudden, I saw the picture of him and the words "In loving memory.." I felt so bad! I'm really sorry you had you go through such sad times and I also felt really bad when reading about his life and the way he felt sometimes.
I'm sure he's taking care of you all now, though. It's been four years now , and the pain might be milder but I'm almost sure it will always be there.
And be sure every time I come across a ladybug I will think of him.
By: Constanza Bejarano | Date: May 8, 2016 |
Dear Randall and the family:

I'm from Costa Rica, Central America. I'm taking a course in Sykes Academy to improve my English and this is how I found your page. I chose the topic because I've been near suicide since I was 14, when my father suicide, letting my mother, my sister and me with that enormous pain, not only for his death, but for the trauma too. Something very hard to understand.

That's why I feel so much empathy with you and every family who has been suffered a death like this one.

I've almost read your whole page and I will continue, but right know, I just wanted to tell you how I admire Joshua and how I admire you for your courage and for your interest in helping people with this page.

I'm really much sorry for your lost.

Best regards,
By: Rush | Date: Mar 30, 2016 |
Dear Randall,

Allow me to thank you for making such an amazing site! (
The way you organize the files and the contents are well- thought of. It has become my go to site. cheers!

P.S. Sorry to know about your son. Leave to God the things that are out of our control. God bless you and your family.

Rush D.
The Philippines

By: Elaine | Date: Mar 28, 2016 |
Happy Birthday Josh, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I miss you so much. I love you. Happy Birthday 🙂
By: Marco | Date: Mar 17, 2016 |
Hi, I'm Marco from Italy and I am father of three cute sons. I think you are a very strong parents and you have to be proud of Joshua's life.

hugs from Italy

By: Paula and Daniela | Date: Feb 26, 2016 |
We're really sorry to hear about your son, his story is very inspiring. Wish you all the best for you and your family.

By: Jurek | Date: Feb 20, 2016 |
Sorry as a German, it is not so easy to express my feelings so well in English.
By: ATCHEA JOSEPH | Date: Feb 10, 2016 |
Dear Joshua's father and mother,

I am an Ivorian, and my English is not so high but I sure you understand what I want to mean.

Losing a member of family is the worst thing which can happen in the life. I am sincerely sure that GOD will help you to face this situation day after day!



By: Lovely Yamson | Date: Jan 13, 2016 |
I've been using your site ( in my English subjects in and even in college since 2009. I first used this myself during my English Proficiency and call Center Training. I liked this website so much. But only this day I learned about the story behind this site; the Joshua kid, whose voice I love, has a deep yet inspiring life to share.

Thank god for the life of Josh that was used as an inspiration in creating this site that helps a lot of people who study English specifically improving their listening skills.
By: Randall Davis | Date: Nov 15, 2015 |
Thanks for sharing all of your comments. Showing great compassion and love to others no matter their differences or their circumstances can make a huge difference. There is reason why we are born with two ears and one mouth; we are born to listen to others and carry some of their struggles and pain to make it lighter for them to carry on each day.

Randall (Joshua's father)
By: Alvaro Gastañuadi | Date: Nov 7, 2015 |
I'm Peruvian, and I'm still in shock after learning that your son Joshua Davis passed away. I only hope that God, our father, feels compassion for his soul.
By reading this, I feel so sad Randall for you and your family.

De verdad siento mucha tristeza por la pérdida de tu hijo. Que dolor tan grande Dios Mio. Recién me acabo de enterar de lo sucedido porque me dio curiosidad de volver a visitar tu página. Fuerza Randall!!!!

Sorry if a I have mistakes.
I haven´t used English language since 2011. I hope you understand.
By: sabrina tran | Date: Oct 31, 2015 |
Dear Randall,

Thank you so much for your website ( with valuable lessons, from which I have learnt a great deal.

I am also very grateful for what you have shares about Joshua's life. There was time when I had to struggle to suicidal thought on my own, and your stories helped me to figure out the right thing to do.

Much obliged.

May God bless you and your family.
By: shimaa refaat | Date: Oct 25, 2015 |
I have had depression since 2 months ago. it was very horrible and hard. I was wish to hurt my self or killing myself. I didn't like life anymore, but when I go to a therapist, he helps me to get over it by drug of depression, and I also need some one helps me to improve my English if i learn it fluently I'll be happy. It will helps me to achieve my current goal.

Thanks for hearing me.
By: Hector Sanchez Hernandez | Date: Oct 8, 2015 |
I´m so sorry for your loss. I study English language and I noticed about this story until these moments, I think you all are a great family and you have got an angel, Joshua, I could see it in his eyes and his smiling. God bless you. Joshua is still between all of us.
By: Catalina Soto | Date: Sep 29, 2015 |
Dear Joshua's mom, dad, siblings and friends,
First of all, I'm from Chile, so my English may be not very good, but I just wanted to tell you that this site is great. You guys don't know how much people you're helping to improve their vocabulary and their listening skills. I also wanted to thank Joshua, I didn't met him, I don't know almost anything about him, but if he inspired such a great learning environment, then am sure he was a beautiful person.

Catalina Soto
By: veena shetye | Date: Aug 5, 2015 |

I have just landed on our ESL page today ( and could not resist to click on josh's memorial page. I still cannot believe a young man looking so sweet and charming can have this conclusion to his life. Also i appreciate your strength of being vulnerable. It was touching to know about his entire life, also inspiring how he choose to live it. God bless.
By: J.A. | Date: Aug 2, 2015 |
Dear Randall,

I will teach my English class with the memory of your son in both my head and heart. Thanks so much for your great work.

By: Narin | Date: Jul 31, 2015 |
Dear Joshua's Mom and Dad

Hello. I'm from Thailand. My English is not good but I want to share my feelings with you so please try to understand my poor English.

I ran into this website ( for years because, like I said, my English is suck. Your website helps me a lot. Thank you very much for your sharing. It's really helpful. I can't believe that I found your website for like 2 years, but today I just noticed Joshua's blog. After I found out about Joshua, I was so shocked.
My birthday is on 28th March too, but I'm a little bit younger than him. He has a nice smile, seems like an adorable boy.

I really love his little voice. He helps me to improve my English. Thanks Joshua. We never met before but you really helps me a lot.
I'm so sorry for your loss of your son. My condolences to you and your family.

Best Regards,


By: Ching | Date: Jul 8, 2015 |
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain.
I'v read this sentance before in "Way of the Peaceful Warrior".

By: Tom Nguyen | Date: Jul 4, 2015 |
I have just read about his life. I am sorry and pray for him.
By: Evelyn R. | Date: May 19, 2015 |
Thank you for sharing this touching story with us. For sure, the life of Joshua keeps helping and inspiring others although he is not here in person. I was listening to his interview in the ESL-lab website, and after finishing all practice and tests, I saw Joshua's picture next to the listening practice box, I just want to thank you for contributing in my English improvement through your son's life. I read the entire story and I learned that he was a person to be proud of. May God stay in your lives always, he is the only one who can give strength and comfort in hard times.
By: Reynaldo Linares | Date: Mar 5, 2015 |
I am really sorry. It is so sad to hear this. I was visiting your site,, and saw that image in memory of your son. Incredible.

God bless your family.

Reynaldo from Peru

By: Amaro Idelfonso Filho | Date: Jan 22, 2015 |
I'm from Recife Brazil and I've read about his history. I'm so sorry about all and I hope his family can be together with him someday. Together Forever!
By: Monica | Date: Nov 13, 2014 |
Oh recently I have started to do some listening practice, and when I listened to the story “A Day at School” and saw the same name of Joshua which was on the photo too, I started to read the story, it was very touching . I think he was a great kid and son. God bless you and your family!


Mónica Trelles/Quito-Ecuador
By: Raji Sarhi | Date: Oct 28, 2014 |
Dear Josh's mother and father,

Thank you for sharing part of Josh's life with us.
My best wishes to you all.

May God bless you. I pray for you.

Best regards,

Raji Sarhi
By: Todd Xing, China | Date: Sep 23, 2014 |
I listened and learned many audio tracks here (at ESL-LAB.COM), I appreciate all your hard work, and best wish to you all and Joshua.
By: Dani | Date: Sep 8, 2014 |
I´m so sorry about that...
i big hug from spain and many thx for all your work..
By: Erkan Aksu | Date: May 19, 2014 |
Dear Randall Davis,
I'm trying to learn English and my English is not very well.
But I wanted to write something about Joshua
I found your website by chance while surfing the internet.
Actually I was looking for parts to listen.
I listened to part "A Day at School" in your web site.
I didn't know anything about Joshua when listening this track.
But unfortunately, I understood that Joshua is an angel now after I noticed Joshua's picture which on the right side of the web page.
I don't know what to say. I also have two sons. And I can understand that how much you suffer.

God bless your family and my best wishes to you all.

Erkan Aksu
By: Roberto Flores Frias | Date: Apr 22, 2014 |
I ran into your web page ( around 3 months ago and it's been very useful in my English classes. I've used the listening about Joshua at school ( for several times and every time my students always end up smiling after listening to Joshua's sweet little voice. I had never noticed the picture of Joshua on the right and hadn't really been aware of what happenned to him. My sincere condolences. I respect you for having so much faith in the Lord after such a difficult time. I wish I also had that faith and strength you've shown to have. Life can be very harsh sometimes. I also understand Joshua pretty much. I'm sure he must've been a very nice kid.
By: Rita Morales | Date: Apr 20, 2014 |
Querido Randall,

Hace breves momentos me entere de la muerte de tu querido hijo. Me senti muy impactada pues precisamente abri la pagina despues de algun tiempo sin ir a ella y encontre la triste noticia. En ese preciso momento me di cuenta que he repasado tanto tus paginas para aprender algo de ingles que ya eres como un hijo para mi.

Siento profundamente la perdida de tu hijo. Soy cubana y vivo en America solo mis ultimos cinco anos, por demas tengo 69 cumplidos, pero estudiando tus paginas he aprendido lo que hoy me sirve para comunicarme en este idioma.

Muchas gracias Randall, y piensa siempre que Dios te dara el consuelo que tanto tu como tu familia necesitan, se que asi sera porque alguien que da tanto a otros seres humanos siempre recibira la merecida tranquilidad y paz interior.

Un saludo para ti y tu familia,

By: ricardo valles | Date: Jan 26, 2014 |

Me entero ahora de la muerte de tu hijo.
Realmente, lo lamento y solo pido paz para vuestr alma.

Desde venezuela . Ricardo Valles

[Translation: Randall. I just found out about the passing of your son. I so sorry to hear that, and I wish peace to your soul. Richardo Valles from Venezuela.]
By: feri | Date: Jan 1, 2014 |

You made a special memory for everyone who meet you or even for me that is my second time to come to the Web site, One click led me to your story life. As I read it, I was smiling, I was crying, and I am thinking about you and your family and even about myself and my family. Your story touched my heart. I should be more careful with sensitive people like you.

Josh, I want to tell you that you are free now like a butterfly to be free from its cocoon. You are free of one element which we have to deal with in life. I wish you a very bright and peaceful way to heaven. God blessed your lovely family to be powerful to feel your freedom and pass through this hard experience.

The feelings I have in my heart are clearer than my words in English, but I believe Josh can hear me and I hope his family can feel what I am saying.

God Blessed You. I pray for you.

By: ali zaer | Date: Dec 30, 2013 |
Dear Professor Randall Davis,

I've just noticed the memorial part. What a shame that I have used the materials and products of your great job on your website,, for more than 2 or 3 years and have sent you many e-mails to ask questions, but didn't notice that memorial part sooner of Josh. Many times I repeated the story of "A Day at School" and the story "Christmas is Coming" only to listen to those kind voices of children. Now I know more about one of them and can't imagine except for heaven For such a nice and kind boy. I'm so sorry for your loss of your son. My condolences to you and your family.

As an Iranian, it is very difficult to say my sorrow in English, but I believe in what one of Iranian poet said and had been written over the entrance of United Nations building.

Ali Zaer
By: Rebecca S. | Date: Dec 22, 2013 |
Dear Randall,

I am so sorry for your loss of your son, Josh. Like many families, my family also struggles with mental health problems. Thank you so much for sharing Josh's life and story with us.

I have been using your website for over 3 years teaching in Massachusetts. My students, adult ESOL students in Boston, love your website ( and find it very challenging and educational. Thank you for the time and energy that you put into this exceptional site.

My prayers go to you and your family.

Thank you,

By: David Kipper | Date: Dec 9, 2013 |
Dear Randall,

I have been using your listening files on for a few months now and they are very helpful. I just noticed today the memorial for Josh. My condolences to you and your family. Seeing this memorial is a reminder to me to practice love and compassion to the people I come in contact with. All the best.

DK Taiwan
By: Angel Jimenez | Date: Nov 27, 2013 |
Dear Randall.

My sincerest condolences go to you and your family.

I have been using your great listening webpage,, for about one year, and it has not been until now that I have noticed the Joshua's obituary section. I have two lovely daughters and a lovely wife too, and I do not know if I would be able to get over such a tragic loss like the one you are sharing with everybody.

I can only say thank you not only for let me learn and enjoy English with you, but for show me how such a good person one can become.

Angel Jimenez
By: Liliana Rodriguez | Date: Nov 27, 2013 |
Dear Randall,

I have used your page ( many times for my classes, and today I knew about your loss and believe me that I have felt very shocked because I remember him in one of the listenings describing his experience in a Japanese school. Thank you very much to share this touching moment with all of us.
By: shahid | Date: Oct 3, 2013 |
Dear Randall Davis,

Although I am using from the last couple of weeks, when I have come to know story of Josh, it's really touch my feelings. I can imagine feelings of your family for Josh because I also lost my twenty-year old brother.

GOD Bless your family.

Shahid Khan
By: Randall Davis | Date: Jul 4, 2013 |

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Joshua. We appreciate your heartfelt message.

By: Jamie | Date: Jul 2, 2013 |
I live in FL and am out here (in Utah) visiting family. I stopped by the graveyard today and came across Joshua's grave. I wanted to just sign the guest book saying thank you for touching my heart. I know Joshua was loved. May God comfort your hearts and bring strength to you everyday.

P.S .. I love the ladybug (and the story of them)
By: Jessica Davis | Date: May 12, 2013 |
It has almost been a year since you left this earth. You left a impression on the people who were involved in your life. Even though you are not with us now, I know that you are still doing it. Words can not even describe what a incredible person you are Josh. I know you are doing great things in Heaven and watching over your family. We miss you so so much! I want my family to know how much I love them and will always be there when they need me.

Cousin of Josh
(The original message was posted on Facebook on May 3, 2013, and has been reposted here with permission.)
By: Lifeng | Date: Apr 4, 2013 |
Dear to all the members of Randall's family!

It was heartbreaking when I read the all the stories about Josh. Especially, "I hope, that no matter what happens, I can rebound and not be stuck in the pit of despair and failure". I think these words are the reflections of his personality. From his autobiography, I can see he was a strong and intelligent man. He did lots of things for the help of others. Yes, I am so emotional right now! His vivid voice in "The First Day at School" ( just keeps ringing around my ears. I can't imagine how many difficulties he needed to go through over the ten years. He always showed the positive side of his life, yet ended his life - that we never truly understand.

He is a wonderful guy forever! He spent his precious time doing things that he liked and I think he left with no regrets. Thank you for sharing all of these touching stories and videos about Josh. You and your wife are great parents! God bless your family!!!

Best regards,
By: Katerina, Russia | Date: Mar 30, 2013 |
Dear Randall and the family!

I remember the day when I first heard Joshua on where he was telling about his school in Japan ( Great joy suddenly filled my heart when I listened to his silver voice. There was something so touching and fresh and intelligent in his voice that I thought "This boy must be really very special!" He encouraged me to go forward through all the difficulties of English grammar and pronunciation. I feel proud that I happened to be his distant student.

Learning English with, I can't help thinking that Joshua became a part of our family long ago. And now the only thing I can do for him is to tell my friends about his struggle for life. I have read every single line which is written in the site. His life story is the greatest lesson he was able to teach us. Here we were enjoying his witty dialogues and there, suffering from illnesses, he was making new ones giving all the might of his big heart and soul to people whom he would never see. You must be proud of him. I really am.

My best wishes to you all.


Katerina Sorokoumova

By: Marta Reyes | Date: Mar 28, 2013 |
Dear Randall and family, I've got to know you through the ESL-Lab classes and since then I've learned to admire and notice how kind and gentle you are. The ability you have in helping people is really unique and we can far see that you are very special people.

At this time I am specially touched by the situation you faced with Josh. Hope you are OK, at least recovering from such a struggling situation and that you are forever blessed.

Josh is still with us. In our memories, in the stories and every time we want to get in touch with him is a matter of get our best feelings of love and joy and aim them to the energy he spread around us. Be sure, every time I see a ladybug here in Brazil, Josh will be around.

Marta Reyes
By: Vard Pulley | Date: Mar 28, 2013 |
I am so greatful that I have taken the time to look at and read all of this wonderful information on the web site. I loved and admired Josh. Never have I had the honor and privilege of knowing such an honest and kind young man such as Josh. I shall always reflect back on the time he and I spent one on one talking and discussing many important matters about life, love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Josh is indeed an exceptionally good and sweet young man. I find absolute peace in knowing that on the great judgement day of the Lord, Josh will gain an eternal and glorious place among the chosen in God's kingdom. He came to this mortal existence to be tried and tested. He was given challenges that even the strongest among us would have likely failed at. But Josh took the test with courage and faith and understanding although he may have not conquered, he proved himself to be a valiant soldier and a worthy servant of Heavenly Father.

May God bless my sweet and dear friend. I miss you!
By: Gabriela Aguirre from Las Cruces, NM | Date: Mar 2, 2013 |
Thank you for sharing the wonderful life of Joshua. He was and still forever be an inspiration to everyone. I came across his site quite by accident but am grateful I did. Thank you and what a blessing..
By: Randall Davis | Date: Dec 31, 2012 |
Our family wants to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts towards our family and about Josh. One of the things I have discovered is how priceless memories are about someone you have lost. Whether it has been two months or three years, it is always heartwarming to hear from others who lives have been touched by someone else.

We would love to hear more from others; we find that such experiences and stories bring a healing spirit into our lives and those around us who knew Josh.

Randall Davis
By: Norbert Lutzei | Date: Sep 28, 2012 |
Losing a child is the worst thing in life, and I feel with you from bottom of my heart. My son passed away too, and I have to take solace from the fact that he had such a happy unfortunately short life of God. God bless you all.

Ps. Sorry as a German, it is not so easy to express my feelings so well in English.
By: L.Rodrigues Alves | Date: Sep 16, 2012 |
Dear Josh's mother and father.
My family and I wish at all of you, that Josh's remembrance, is as a precious gift given by God, to be stored into the safe of your heart, for ever.


From Rodrigues family - Brazil
By: Scott Glazier | Date: Aug 26, 2012 |
I am honored to say something about Josh. He was a great young man. On a one occasion I had the opportunity to go visit with the senior citizens at the Beehive home. Our church gets the privilege to take the sacrament to the residents every so often. On this occasion going with Josh I was so impressed with his caring and loving way in which he conducted himself to the elderly. He didn't just do his duty, he was truly caring, as he helped those that needed assisting, ie: placing the water cup to their lips. You could truly tell he had a love for others and placed them ahead of himself. He taught me a great lesson that day, and I will be forever grateful for Josh and his life.
By: Elaine M. Parkinson | Date: Aug 5, 2012 |
I have so many amazing memories of Josh. It is hard to narrow it down, but one fun memories is last Christmas. Josh loved Christmas and he would spend countless hours of thought and preparation for the gifts he would give out. He would get so excited when it was time for people to open their gifts just to see the expression on their face. Josh is one of the most loving, caring, generous, genuine, nice, and respectful person I ever known. I am blessed to be able to call him my nephew. Josh is one of my best friends... I love and miss him dearly

By: Alex Mortensen | Date: Aug 3, 2012 |
One of my favorite times with Josh was during Easter. All of us cousins would look forward to Josh hiding the Easter eggs because he did it so elaborately; hiding them on the roof, inside a tree, etc.

This is a wonderful thing you're doing, Randy, sharing part of Josh's life with us. Thank you.

Alex Mortensen

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